So you’ve got ObyThing Music installed on your Mac, and “ObyThing Music SmartApp” installed on SmartThings and nothing is working? Follow along with these troubleshooting tips and your problem should get resolved. If not, drop us an email from the contact page and we’d be happy to help you out.


First, make sure that your Mac and your SmartThings hub are on the same network. This app works fast by communicating over your network, no sending out to the Internet and back, so this means that both the Mac and the hub need to be able to access each other on the same network. Make sure that ObyThing Music is running on your Mac, and you can see the circle icon in the menu bar, like below:

Menu Bar

Here we see ObyThing Music in the menu bar. When clicked it shows the current IP and port, used for setup.


Next, make sure you followed all of the instructions here. Double check that the IP and port entered on the SmartThings app match what ObyThing Music shows from the menu bar on the Mac. If you make a mistake here, changing it later may not work; to be safe, uninstall the app from SmartThings and start over.

Update the SmartThings Hub

Some users have experienced issues due to old firmware on their SmartThings hub. To see if this could be your problem, follow these steps or the video below:

Home Screen

From the home screen, tap the “burger menu” (three lines) in the top left.


Tap the gear in the top right to get into the settings.


Slide down until you see your hub and tap on it.

Hub Info

Tap on “Update Hub”.

Up to Date

If you see an update button, tap it. If you see this, you are good to go.