SmartThings issues

October 29, 2014

Update – Everything has been going smoothly for the last few days. Hopefully this instability is past us now!

As you may already know, SmartThings has been having some issues over the last several days. It seems they are growing very quickly and are trying to scale their infrastructure, but things are not going so smoothly right now. They seem like a really great team, so I think this will all get resolved quickly and we’ll end up with a much more stable and scalable system. Unfortunately for now, that means there may be several problems for ObyThing Music users:

  1. We are still waiting patiently for SmartThings to publish our updated device/apps that enable the features of the latest version (1.1.1) of the Mac app. Understandably, approving updates has taken a backseat to fixing the big problems. For now, to make use of these new features, you will still have to manually install the device type and SmartApps via the SmartThings developer portal – see here this post for more details.
  2. You may experience an error like this picture below when installing an app. As you can see, the picture is taken when trying to set up my front porch lights to turn on at sunset, so it is not just our apps that have a problem.
    Time Error

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