Setting Up ObyThing Music

Once you have ObyThing or ObyThing Music installed on your Mac, you need to connect it to your SmartThings hub. See the video or the step-by-step instructions below.

Demo Video

Step by Step

When ObyThing is installed and running on your Mac, you will see the icon in your menubar as below. Click it to show the IP and port, you will need this for setting up on SmartThings.

Menu Bar Screenshot

In your SmartThings app, enter SmartSetup by pressing the big plus on the home screen (at the bottom):

SmartThings home screen


Slide the top selector to the left to “More”…

SmartThings More Screen

then tap on “SmartThings Labs” and slide down until you see “ObyThing Music SmartApp”:

SmartThings Labs

Tap on the app and then press “Install”:

ObyThing Music SmartApp

Fill in the IP:port as shown in the ObyThing Music app on your Mac, select your hub, and give it a name:

ObyThing Music Install

Now just click “Done” and you’re done. You should now see your device in the “Things” category and it should be available to choose in SmartApps looking for a Sonos device.