Big Update in Progress

January 16, 2015

Great news. We are working on a major update with new features and lots of improvements. This update will also come with a price bump for new buyers, so be sure to buy it soon (the upgrade will be free). A preview of the features to come: Control Spotify Select speakers from Airfoil Simple install/setup process Handle changing IP Show current track Much more! Update 3/21/2015: Sorry for the delay. This update ...

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Issues with published apps

December 2, 2014

Unfortunately, the approval process with SmartThings is going VERY slowly, so any updates we have ready are still not available via the easy install method (in SmartThings Labs). On top of that, some updates to SmartThings’ Sonos apps have caused problems with ObyThing Music. To work around these issues, users will need to install the device type and smart apps from our GitHub page – Check out this page for ...

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SmartThings issues

October 29, 2014

Update – Everything has been going smoothly for the last few days. Hopefully this instability is past us now! As you may already know, SmartThings has been having some issues over the last several days. It seems they are growing very quickly and are trying to scale their infrastructure, but things are not going so smoothly right now. They seem like a really great team, so I think this will ...

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Mac App Update is Live!

October 24, 2014

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the capability of selecting which AirPlay speakers to play your music or sounds on, I have some good news. The update to ObyThing Music for this functionality on the Mac is now live on the App Store. Go ahead and update or if you’ve been waiting for this feature to buy, now is (maybe) the time! Unfortunately, I say maybe ...

Updates submitted

October 13, 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of great responses so far to ObyThing Music, but, there’s lots more we want to do with this app. The number one request is for control over which AirPlay devices your sounds and music play over. We agree, this is definitely a needed improvement, so today, we submitted updates to both the Mac apps and the SmartThings apps/device.   Unfortunately, the approval process from both ...

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SmartThings approval and a great write-up!

October 7, 2014

SmartThings has now approved our app/device! Now the installation process is really simple. Check out our setup page for the simple instructions, and a tutorial video. Not only that, but they also wrote up a great blog post about ObyThing Music to help spread the word! I hope you are enjoying the app. Don’t forget to visit the contact page to give us feedback, ideas, or ask for help. We ...

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