ObyThing Music lets you control iTunes on your Mac from SmartThings. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a Sonos setup when you can get all of the same functionality (and more!) from your Mac for the price of a coffee?

SmartThings Screenshot

Easily set up SmartThings to play a sound or start a playlist using triggers from your other SmartThings devices. With ObyThing Music, your Mac is compatible with all of the SmartApps used for Sonos. ObyThing Music runs in the background with just a menubar icon. Full list of features:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Volume
  • Toggle AirPlay on/off
  • Trigger sound on specific set of speakers*
  • Toggle Mute
  • Play sound from URL
  • Speak text
  • Select a playlist
* The Mac app has been updated for this feature, but we are still waiting for SmartThings to publish the updates on their end. In the meantime, this can be done manually.

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