Frequently Asked Questions


I have everything installed, why isn’t it working?

Don’t worry, it’s probably something simple; check the Troubleshooting page.

I want to trigger ObyThing Music from other things, where is this functionality?

This functionality comes from the SmartApps that are already available for the Sonos. Check out the video below for a demo. In your SmartThings app, go to the SmartSetup (big plus button on the home screen). Then slide over to Actions, and down to Music. Here you will see these three apps below. They all say Sonos, but guess what, they work with ObyThing Music too!

  • Sonos Control: Play or pause your Sonos when certain actions take place in your home.
  • Sonos Mood Music: Trigger a selected song or station to play when various actions (i.e.: motion detected, people arriving, doors opening, etc.) take place.
  • Sonos Notify with Sound: Play a sound or custom message through your Sonos when the mode changes or other events occur.

There’s also another one under More > SmartThings Labs:

  • Songs Weather Forecast: Play a weather report through your Sonos when the mode changes or when other events occur.

For anyone comfortable with creating your own SmartApps, ObyThing Music supports the “Music Player” capability, so use those commands and attributes to create your own awesome SmartApp. And if you do, make sure to share it with us. We’ll post some info about any good ones that you create!

Can I make ObyThing Music say custom phrases?

Yup. Use the “Sonos Notify with Sound” SmartApp mentioned above and you can type in any phrase you want, and ObyThing Music will happily say it for you across all of your AirPlay devices. Fun and very useful!

Can my Mac go to sleep and still have ObyThing Music work?

Not yet. It seems that this feature is not working for now. It is on our todo list though. We’ll update when it is working. Yes, it can! Just make sure that you have the “Wake for network access” (or “Wake for Wi-Fi network access”) setting checked in System Preferences -> Energy Saver.

Energy Saver preference pane

System Preferences -> Energy Saver

Do I have to leave iTunes open all the time? What if I accidentally close it?

No problem. ObyThing Music will start up iTunes if it was not already running and everything should still work smoothly.